Monday, March 22, 2010

Chelsea - Checker Cab Blonde Ale

Gotta love that Growler.  
Great Blonde.  Lite and drinkable.  clean bite.  9/10

Avery - Salvation Quad

American Beer Distributers.  

So thick and sweet that you don't notice the high alcohol content.  Gotta Belgium spice.  Yeasty.  8.5/10.  

McNeil's - Dead Horse IPA

American Beer Distributers, every flavor is $10.

Uniform and thick, not too bitter.  Malty, sweet and hoppy.  8/10.  

Kelso of Brooklyn - IPA

Dude at Bierkraft said:  
"You shouldn't even taste it- just buy it.  Its mile's ahead of any other IPA on the market." 

Drinking it makes you feel like the color yellow/brown.  Very carbonated, fruity, extra medium hoppiness.   Almost perfect.  9/10